Trial Practice: Exercises in Witness Examination and the Rules of Evidence

The heart of this book is 35 discrete courtroom exercises (criminal and civil) for an intensive, semester long course for a class of 12 to 14 students. This book is the product of 20 years of teaching this simulation course and fine tuning the materials with the help of many trial lawyers and judges who have taught the course as adjunct professors.
Unlike other Trial Practice course materials that try to cover everything, these materials focus exclusively and relentlessly on direct and cross-examination and applying the rules of evidence. The result is a clear and satisfying rate of progress in the students' proficiency at these core trial skills.

Our experience with this course has been fantastic. Although the students consider the course very demanding, they sign up for it in record numbers every year. This year we filled four sections of 14 students each.

Our adjuncts love teaching the course because it plays directly to their strength - critiquing the students' performances. There are no lectures to prepare and no complicated case files to master. The course is 100% trial simulation exercises. The Teachers' Manual gives the instructors all the "answers" to the evidence issues and frees them to work with the students on an individual basis. To quote John Marshall, senior trial attorney with Powell, Goldstein in Atlanta:
"This book is absolutely outstanding. It takes the student through increasingly complex exercises that cover the full gamut of trial problems. The Teachers' Manual is clear and concise."
And Judge Randy Rich of the Gwinnett County State Court:
"These are the best materials I have found with rich case facts that allow students to make practical as well as legal arguments."
The book also includes brief note material on basic topics like cross-examination, the confrontation clause, and the hearsay rule as well as sample evidentiary foundations and a copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence with the Advisory Committee Notes.

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